Is the service really free?
Yes it's completely free, and it will always remain free. The reason is simply that the cross promotions work best for all when many developers join. The more developers join the better promotions can be matched and everybody gets the best results.

Can I promote only my own games?
Yes if you have multiple apps you can choose just to promote your own games.
Just go to Cross Promotions / App Exchange and uncheck the Exchange Ads with other apps checkbox. You will now only show ads for your own games.

Can I promote my games in other developers apps?
Yes you can promote your games in apps from other developers for free through the App Exchange. By showing ads from other developers you earn credits and by showing ads in apps from other developers you spend these credits.
You can learn more about the App Exchange in this video.

I don't see any installs counted in the dashboard
Installs are only registered and displayed in the dashboard for apps that have the SDK integrated and are live in the appstore. You can still promote games without the SDK, but you will not see the installs.

What platforms and game engines do you support
We have a SDK for the Unity game engine.

I don't see any ads on the actual device
If you do not see ads on the actual device please check these most common reasons:

  • SuperDevelopers prefab has not been placed into the first scene
  • API key and App Secret not entered into the SuperDevelopersAppSettings (Tools/SuperDevelopers/App Settings)
  • In the SuperDevelopersAppSettings the Store ID (package name) is used instead of required App Secret from the dashboard
If the issue remains we are always happy to assist, just drop us an email: [email protected]