About Us,

About You

We prefer to keep it real. We also recognize that it’s about you - not us. It’s all about what we can do for you as an (indie) developer to help you succeed in this fiercely competitive market.

Since our team has been developing software for the (mobile) games industry since 2004, we understand first hand what challenges app developers face today. (Yes 2004 was way before the smartphone and we had a blast making tiny java apps within a 64kb size limit).

The market has matured and is heavily dominated by big companies. Making great apps is one thing, then getting them into the hands of your users is an entirely different story. The app stores are filled with millions of apps and users don’t just flock to you app like honey to a bee. The modern developer needs to blend great technology with excellent marketing in order to succeed. Modern developers need to be super developers!

We are here to help with tools that will bring your app marketing to the next level. We do this with a passion for building great software and the reward of seeing you succeed.

About Richard Hazenberg


When I was a young boy at around 8 years old I got my hands on a Commodore 64 computer and I instantly knew. I want to become a game developer for a living.

Prior to starting my first game company in 2004 I worked various software development and managerial jobs that gave me the experience and confidence to found my own company.

Since then I’ve been involved with multiple companies, some a success and some a failure, but all valuable lessons. Across these businesses now some sold, we generated over 500 million downloads.

After selling my first business I’ve been more involved with investing and assisting developers. While working with developers I came to the conclusion that so many great game developers out there are having an extremely hard time succeeding. They make exceptional games, honestly better than anything I’ve done, yet they fail. How come I made mediocre games and succeeded, while so many great apps remain unnoticed?

This is where Super Developers was born, a platform that helps developers succeed and breaks down app marketing into simple, practical steps that you can adopt immediately into your business.